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November 23, 2023

This is an overview of the human rights situation in Indian-administered Kashmir. Among other violations, the following violations were recorded: at least 312 killings (at least 181 resistance fighters, 45 civilians, and 86 Indian forces personnel), at least 199 military cordon and search or cordon and destroy operations and the vandalism or destruction of approximately 212 civilian properties.

Topics: militarization of Jammu and Kashmir, civilian killings, extrajudicial and custodial killings, destruction and vandalism of civilian properties, compensation, properties seized, continuous denial of burial and funeral rights, termination of employees, war against the academics, harassment and persecution of Kashmiris in India, how lawful is the UAPA, continuous detention of human rights defenders, freedom of speech, erosion of newspaper data, forced into self-censorship, arrest and summoning of religious clerics, Kashmir an information black hole, social media, settler colonialism, politics of Amarnath Yatra, forcing Kashmiri students to sing Hindu bhajans, illegal acquisition of land by Indian army, giving non-locals voting rights

Terms: violation of right to life, extrajudicial killing, custodial killing, destruction of property, taking of property, expropriation, violation of cultural rights, violation of freedom of religion or belief, reprisals, violation of right to work, violation of academic freedom, discrimination, targeting, Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA), targeting human rights defenders, violation of right to free expression, violation of right to free press and information, violation of political rights, political disempowerment, settler colonialism, forced demographic change


The Legal Forum for Kashmir – LFK is an international legal Advocacy group working on the conflict of Kashmir. Its members are indigenous people of the occupied territory in Jammu and Kashmir. The aim of the organisation is to defend the political, social and human rights of Kashmiris and to promote the UN sanctioned Right of Self-Determination. LFK works to address the consequences of marginalisation, working with its members. As an
independent organisation, LFK advocates, nationally and internationally, the Right of Selfdetermination and respect for human rights in Occupied Kashmir through legal research, documentation and capacity building to address, under international law, the violations of individual and collective rights of Kashmiris.

LFK believe that India’s conduct in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir1 (OJK) needs an independent and impartial profiling so that its unprecedented human rights violations in the Valley do not go unnoticed. This report aims to highlight the pattern of these HR violations and entreat concerned
international authorities to take action. The report calls upon the international community to not limit the responsibility to only the physical perpetrators of crime; instead, the principles of individual criminal responsibility shall hold to account all those who may indirectly participate in a \ criminal act in question. This could include, for example, ordering, instigating, manipulation, or even inciting a rights violation. Past reports produced by the Legal Forum for Kashmir have provided evidence, through detailed case studies, that there is no will to provide justice even though the system exists in theory. And with a judicial system dancing to the chords of Indian Military, the institutions and procedures of rule of law in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir remain perpetually subverted to function within the larger culture of institutionalized impunity.

This report is based on the primary and secondary source of information collected by team of Legal Forum for Kashmir (LFK). The report has also compilation from official sources of OJK, recognized media groups, NGO fact finding reports, as well as the information received from the victim families. All the details mentioned in this report have been fact-checked from various sources to ensure the information as accurate as possible.

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December 2022

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