Government of Jammu & Kashmir Criminal Investigation Department, Special Branch-Kashmir
November 23, 2023

"All the filed units of CID SB-Kashmir are hereby directed to ensure that during verification related to passport, service and any other verification related to Government services/schemes, the subject's involvement in law & order, stone pelting cases and other crime prejudicial to the security of the state be specifically looked into and same must be corroborated from local police station records.  Also, digital evidence like CCTV footage, photographs, videos and audio clips, quadcopter images available in the records of the police, security forces and security agencies be also referred. Any subject found involved in any such cases must be denied the security clearance."

Terms: suppression of expression, denial of right to free expression, denial of right to travel, denial of freedom of movement, denial of right to work, denial of social rights, denial of political rights, denial of due process, surveillance, drone surveillance

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July 2021

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