Kashmir Law & Justice Project
November 23, 2023

A guide that briefly explains international legal concepts and context to facilitate more accurate framing and constructive discussion of the issues related to the crises in Indian-Administered Jammu & Kashmir.


International law is regularly referenced in discussions about the disputes over the territory of the Princely State of Jammu and Kashmir and the crises in the portion of that territory controlled by India (Indian-AdministeredJammu and Kashmir or IAJK). However, key concepts and context are often misunderstood or misconstrued. This document seeks to briefly explain some of those concepts and the relevant context to facilitate more accurate framing and constructive discussion of the relevant issues and the development of more effective solutions to those issues and the related crises in IAJK.

The “frequently asked question” format of this document is intended to facilitate succinct responses to discrete questions that the authors have repeatedly encountered and believe may be of particular value to a wide audience. For readability and the reader’s ease of reference, the main text of this document consists of streamlined responses to those questions in plain language. Note that (in addition to citations and references for further reading), the endnotes include significant substantive information which expands, contextualizes, and amplifies important points made in the main text. The reader is strongly encouraged to consult the endnotes in addition to the main text.

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September 2020

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