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November 23, 2023

In May 2023, Indian authorities continued to commit grave human rights violations in Indian-administered Kashmir (IAK). The G20 Tourism Working Group meeting was held in Srinagar, Kashmir from May 22-25, drawing widespread criticism. During the meeting, Indian authorities made false claims that the Kashmiri press enjoyed “absolute freedoms” and dismissed criticism regarding the human rights situation in IAK. Leading up to the meeting, the Indian government heightened security checks, increased raids and arbitrary arrests, and closed schools and stores. There was also an increase in reported extrajudicial killings, with Indian forces killing at least 12 people in IAK. Meanwhile, political and economic disempowerment continued in the region. For a summary of the human rights impact of the G20 meetings in Srinagar, please see ANNEX: Reported Human Rights Consequences of the G20 in IAK.

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June 2023

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