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November 23, 2023

On 10th April 1993, a large neighborhood of Srinagar’s city center known as Lal Chowk was burned to the ground by a contingent of India's Border Security Forces. More than 60 houses, 5 commercial buildings, 150 shops, 2 official buildings, shrines, and schools were burnt to ashes. A total of 47 innocent civilians were charred to death and over 125 were killed. This fact finding probe was compiled by Institute of Kashmir Studies and has been reproduced by Legal Forum for Kashmir.

Topics: Lal Chowk has a history, Lal Chowk Arson: brief facts, critical study on Lal Chowk Arson, statement of occupying authorities, who put residential and commercial establishments on fire?, public reaction and protest, international organizations on Lal Chowk Arson, Lal Chowk Arson in local press, table details of human loss, table details of residential houses burnt, Lal Chowk Arson testimonies

Terms: systematic killing, mass killing, systematic arson, indiscriminate firing, destruction of property, legalized impunity, failure of accountability, war crimes, crimes against humanity, disinformation

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April 1993

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