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November 23, 2023

On the morning of January 6, 1993, Indian troops of the 94 Battalion of the Border Security Force (94 Bn. BSF), led by Commanding Officer S. Thangappan, shot and killed 46 people and injured dozens more. This fact finding probe into the January 6, 1993 Sopore Massacre was compiled by Institute of Kashmir studies and has been reproduced by Legal Forum for Kashmir.

Topics: Sopore massacre: brief facts, government inquiry of the Sopore massacre, public reaction and protests after the Sopore massacre, statements by international organizations, politicians and Hurriyat, Sopore massacre in the local press, Sopore massacre and human rights organizations, list of civilians killed, list of civilians injured, details of property damaged, details of houses burnt, divisional fire officer's diary, probe into Sopore incidents yet to take off

Terms: systematic killing, mass killing, mass arson, systematic destruction of property, systematic maiming, mass maiming, denial of right to free assembly, legalized impunity, failure of accountability, war crimes, crimes against humanity

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January 2023

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