American Bar Association Center for Human Rights
November 23, 2023

This report examines the relationship between internet shutdowns and challenges to the work of human rights defenders in India. The first case study looks to the 213-day shutdown in Jammu and Kashmir in 2019, then goes on to examine other shutdowns in India (particularly those put in place in response to public protests or unrest). The analysis for this report is based on desk with human rights defenders from across 11 states in India. Internet shutdowns have turned into an often-used tool that the government relies upon in order to silence dissent and limit the rights to freedom of press and expression under the guise of “maintaining law and order.”

Topics: background and context, legal framework for internet shutdowns, Jammu and Kashmir: India's longest internet shutdown, analyzing the trend of internet shutdowns during protests, impact of internet shutdowns on various HRDs, is a "sensible" internet shutdown policy possible?, conclusions and recommendations

Terms: internet shutdowns, violations of right to free expression, violations of right to free press, violations of access to justice

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July 2022

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