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May 27, 2024

This report analyzes the intricate array of legal, political, and socio-cultural engineering employed by the Indian state to orchestrate this Hindu(tva) settler colonial project, drawing upon historical continuities from the Dogra Hindu Raj to its contemporary manifestations in the form of BJP-RSS-led saffronisation project.

Topics: Hindu(tva) as a Neo-Nazi Project, Dogra Rule of Kashmir as Proto Hindu(tva) Order, From “Occupational Constitutionalism” to Weaving Settler Colonial ‘Legal’ Architecture, Sacralising the Space, Patterns of Enforced Demography Change, Colonizing Academia: Saffronisation of Higher Education in Kashmir, Saffronising Young Minds: School Education under Siege, The Coercive Push for Hindi Homogenization: Linguistic Aggression in Kashmir, From Youth to Gen Z: Indianising Via Pop Culture, Saffronization of Governing Institutions of Kashmir, Warfare of Symbolism: Erasure of Muslim Cultural Markers and Imposition of Hindu Symbols

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May 2024

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